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5 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Has Leaky Ducts

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Would you be happy if you ordered a pizza but half the slices were missing by the time it arrived at your home? Of course not. We all want to get what we pay for. When it comes to your home’s air conditioning in the summer, you want to get the most refreshment and comfortable possible. However, that may not be the case if you have a leak somewhere in your ductwork. Even if your AC unit is running perfectly, that cool air may not reach it’s intended destination. That could affect your comfort and mean you’re losing money.

Common signs that your AC has leaky duct

You notice damaged or misplaced ducts. Most of the ductwork may be hidden behind walls or above ceilings. But you can still do a quick inspection of any ducts or vents that are visible. Look for anything that doesn’t seem right, like holes in the sheet metal, gaps in connections, or kinks in flexible ducts. Also, make sure vents aren’t blocked by debris or furniture. Some rooms are warmer than others. If you experience uneven heating or cooling around your home, there are a handful of explanations. It could be due to sun exposure, old windows, or inadequate insulation. But those aren’t the issues we’re concerned with today. When there’s a blockage or leak in the AC ducts, it can prevent the cold air from reaching certain areas or rooms in the home. Once the leak is fixed, you should have more even, consistent cooling (and if not, can consider some of the other potential problems described earlier). Spikes in your energy bills.

Air conditioning systems use a good amount of electricity. But if there’s an increase in your utility bill that can’t be explained by extra use or hotter-than-normal weather, it’s a sign there’s something going on with your AC system. The problem could be something simple like a dirty air filter, but it also could be an issue with the ducts. If air is leaking out of ductwork and into wall cavities, the living space will stay warm, the thermostat will keep the air conditioning running, and it will use up more electricity to work harder than it should. Your home is extra dusty. When there’s a leak in the ductwork, you don’t only have to be concerned with cold air leaking out – there’s also unwanted air leaking in. And this intruding air can carry dust, dirt and other small particles. Depending on the location of the leak, the air will not pass through the AC’s filter, which is supposed to capture debris. So essentially, the leaky duct is picking up dust from one area and spreading it all over the home. Yuck. You notice odd smells or poor air quality. Along the same lines as the excess dust, leaky ductwork can also spread fumes or chemicals from outdoors, basements, attics, or other unfinished.

Ductwork repair in Buffalo, MN

If you notice any of these issues or suspect there’s something wrong with your air conditioning but you can’t put your finger on it, call the local experts at DeZiel Heating & AC. Our HVAC professionals can inspect your AC unit and ductwork, then recommend the proper repair or replacement to make sure you’re getting the most comfort and bang for your buck out of your AC system. To book an appointment, call (763) 200-5453 .

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