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Benefits of Air Exchanger Maintenance – And a Special Fall Offer

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As we get closer to the fall, you may be switching gears from one season to another. When it comes to your home’s HVAC system, you might be thinking about shutting down the air conditioning and getting ready to turn on the furnace. But are you forgetting something?

Free Furnace System Check With $115 Air Exchanger System Check Service Offer not valid with any other discount or promotion. One discount per service call. Coupon is valid when mentioned at the time the appointment is made. Expires: 30th of November, 2023

If you have an air exchanger, the fall is the perfect time to have your unit inspected and professionally maintained. And right now, we’re offering a two-for-one service offer – read on to learn more.  What does an air exchanger do? An air exchanger is a system that promotes ventilation in your home. Essentially it brings fresh (and filtered) outdoor air inside, and pushes stale inside air outdoors.  Why is this important? When you run your heating or cooling unit, it mostly blows around recirculated indoor air. So if you have the windows closed, your home can eventually get stuffy. This can be especially true in newer homes that are built more air-tight than old homes.

An air exchanger offers many benefits:

  • Helps make your home feel less stuffy
  • Saves heat in the winter, while keeping the air fresh
  • Can reduce the indoor humidity level
  • Can save you money on energy bills
  • Of course, like all HVAC equipment, the air exchanger needs routine maintenance to work effectively, stay efficient, and maximize its service life.

What’s included in an air exchanger system check? Since the primary job of an air exchanger is moving air from one place to another, the most common issue for the unit is the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris. This can affect the performance of the air exchanger and add unnecessary wear and tear. In addition to cleaning various areas, it’s also important to check the electrical system.  Most homeowners aren’t familiar with how an air exchanger works, and improper maintenance can be dangerous and damage the system. That’s why bringing in the experts at DeZiel Heating & Air is a smart choice. Our professional air exchanger system check includes:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the filter
  • Vacuuming the inside of the unit
  • Cleaning the outside screens
  • Evaluating the motor, including checking amperage draw

Special fall offer

For a limited time, when you schedule a professional air exchanger system check for $115, you get a free furnace system check. So you get two services for the price of one – plus you’ll be ready for the heating season when the temperatures begin to fall.  To keep your home feeling fresh and take advantage of this special offer, call us today at (763) 200-5453

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