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A tripped circuit breaker is not something to take lightly. Although tripped breakers typically occur in homes running multiple appliances, a circuit breaker tripping is caused by a surge of electricity, also known as overcurrent. When you simply flip a breaker back to the on position without addressing the problem, you run the risk for damage to the appliances along with an increased risk for an electrical fire. 

3 Reasons Your AC Is Tripping The Breaker

If your air conditioning is constantly causing your circuit breaker to trip, the issue could be something as simple as an overloaded breaker or a more serious problem such as a faulty compressor or broken motor. Continue reading for three possible reasons your AC is tripping the circuit breaker. 

Common reasons why an air conditioning system trips the breaker

  1. Overloaded breaker. An overloaded breaker, as mentioned, occurs when there is an overcurrent or surge of electricity running through the breaker. If you are running several large appliances on one breaker, this is likely your problem. Consider working with a licensed professional to reroute the electricity powering your air conditioning unit to avoid catastrophic damage. 
    Even if your AC is on its own circuit breaker, you can still experience an overloaded breaker. This occurs when the air conditioning is working harder than usual due to a dirty or old air filter, debris buildup on the unit itself, low refrigerant, or a broken condenser fan. If your AC is on its own breaker and you are experiencing a tripped breaker when the system powers on, it’s probably time to call an HVAC professional
  2. Compressor issue. A compressor issue is perhaps the most serious of problems you might have if your AC is frequently tripping a breaker. When your AC compressor fails to pump refrigerant into your AC unit, it leads to burnout within the system. This is called a “grounded” compressor. Replacing a compressor in your air conditioning unit is typically a very expensive project unless covered under warranty. However, even if the part is covered, you will likely still spend a decent amount of money on the labor to replace the part. If you find that your problem lies in the compressor, you might want to consider purchasing a new condenser unit entirely.
  3. Broken motor. If your air conditioning motor is shorting, it can alert the breaker to trip. This is a safety feature that helps to avoid overheating and the risk of fire. This occurs when the motor of your air conditioning runs for a long period of time, causing the insulation around the wires to overheat and break down. The circuit breaker shuts off electricity when the system overheats. 

Don’t play with wire – call in the professionals

Not sure of what the problem is with your air conditioning? With so many inner workings to a typical AC system, it’s always a good idea to call a professional for help before trying to diagnose the problem yourself. 

If your AC is causing your circuit breaker to trip and you can’t get to the bottom of the issue, call the licensed technicians at DeZiel Heating & AC. We’ll make sure your system is operating as safely as possible. Schedule an AC diagnostic appointment today at 763-684-3965.

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