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Cokato Air Conditioning & HeatingSince 1997, DeZiel Heating & A/C has provided the highest quality HVAC services in Cokato. We specialize in both air conditioning and heating services. For the last two decades, local residents and business owners have trusted us with all their heating and cooling needs. Our Cokato HVAC contractors would be excited to continue our tradition of excellent service for you.

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Mike and his crew were fabulous to work with — patiently answered my hundreds of questions about a new furnace and its installation in my house. They worked very hard to make sure we were happy with everything. Installation was tricky in our house and Mike went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with how the venting system looked on the outside of my house. He is always quickly available by phone or email and happy to answer any questions…No reservations in recommending DeZiel Heating & Air Conditioning at all! . AAAAAA+++++
- Libby Horner Edina
Call DeZiel Heating & A/C today if you need to hire a professionally licensed heating and air conditioning contractor in Cokato. Our HVAC Contractor would be happy to assist you in any way that we can. Our knowledgeable experts can answer any questions that you may have about your heating or air conditioning systems. We would be excited to schedule your appointment today.

Air Conditioning Installations in Cokato

During the summer, it is important for you to have the most reliable and efficient air conditioner possible. If your air conditioner is older or susceptible to failure, you should consider installing a new AC system in your Cokato home. At DeZiel Heating & A/C, our professionals are extremely adept at air conditioning installation projects.

When you hire our Cokato air conditioning experts, they will provide you with the highest quality AC installation services. We will inspect the layout of your property in order to determine what capacity air conditioner will fulfill all of your needs. With our help, you will be able to make the best choice for your property. We will then use the most exact installation techniques in order to ensure that your air conditioner operates in the best possible fashion for the longest time period possible.

Cokato Indoor Air Quality and Duct Cleaning Services

At DeZiel Heating & A/C, our Cokato air conditioning contractors have the ability to care for your entire HVAC system. If you have a central air cooling system, your air conditioner is dependent upon air ducts to deliver comfort throughout your home. If these ducts are dirty, clogged, or damaged, then your indoor air quality will suffer and your AC system will not operate efficiently. Our HVAC contractors can resolve both of these issues through our expertly performed duct cleaning services.

Cokato Furnace and Boiler Installations and Repairs

In addition to our air conditioning services, our Cokato HVAC contractors can provide for all your heating needs as well. We are highly experienced at both heating installations and repairs. Our professional can install both furnaces and boilers. We also have the knowledge and skill to troubleshoot and repair these heating systems. With our help, you and your Cokato family will always be warm and comfortable all year round.

Boiler Hot Water System Installation and Repair Service

Does your home use a boiler for heat? If it does, you know the benefits of using one to keep your home warm and comfortable. If you’re considering a boiler hot water system to heat your home you’ll be happy to know that heat from a boiler is more even and lasts longer than forced-air heat. It also isn’t dry like forced-air heat, which can cause dry skin, chapped lips, and damaged woodwork, wood floors and furniture.

Because heat from a boiler is sent around your home through pipes instead of ductwork, you don’t have to worry about duct leaks causing you to lose heat. Boiler heat also doesn’t send dust, pet dander or other allergens around the house. Whether you are looking for boiler hot water system installation or looking to repair your existing boiler in the Cokato, MN area call Deziel for a friendly technician to warm your home.

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