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MN Air Conditioning InstallationAre the temperatures screwed up in your home? Do winters feel like you’ve left the door open? Well we’re the heating company that can get those temps back to normal. For years DeZiel Heating & A/C has been the dedicated HVAC Contractor to take care of your repairs and installations.

The professionalism and customer service was awesome!!

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Mike and his crew were fabulous to work with — patiently answered my hundreds of questions about a new furnace and its installation in my house. They worked very hard to make sure we were happy with everything. Installation was tricky in our house and Mike went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with how the venting system looked on the outside of my house. He is always quickly available by phone or email and happy to answer any questions…No reservations in recommending DeZiel Heating & Air Conditioning at all! . AAAAAA+++++
- Libby Horner Edina

Fairhaven Heating Repairs

Before a heater breaks down, it will start to show signs of wear. Once you notice these signs it is up to you to call a HVAC technician immediately. Doing so will prevent you from bigger problems. Problems happen to heating systems.

Those problems can be taken care of quickly by expert technicians. Our Fairhaven techs are highly trained to spot problem areas with heaters. From furnaces to boilers, there isn’t one type of heating system that we don’t know how to fix.

Make the call today and kick this winter in the butt. When it’s cold outside, it won’t be inside any longer. Your home will be nice and cozy and so can your business. We are versatile repair technicians as we service both residential & commercial HVAC appliances.

Fairhaven Air Conditioning Repair

There are lots of advantages to having a central air unit as opposed to a window system due to its ability to cool down an entire house instead of just a single room. Window AC systems tend to consume much energy causing energy bills to be so high.

Noise level is another reason why homeowners prefer a central type of any other. Upon the start up, many cooling systems are loud and clink and bang all throughout the day. Your central system will not do so as it runs very silently when working.

Don’t let this summer get you down. Have you system checked out so that it can be maintained. Regularly scheduled maintenance will prevent it from needing replaced. Replacement costs have gone up drastically over the last ten years.

Fairhaven Heat Pump Repair

The more that you know about your heat pump the easier it will be to fix. Homeowners who don’t take the time to get to know their heating systems often end up getting a contractor that rips them off with their services.

Information such as how the pump work and how it cools the home down, in the summer, will give you enough ammunition for finding a reputable contractor. Ask lots of questions as well. Questions such as how long they have been in business and how much they charge will land you the contractor of choice.

Furnace Installation and Repair

One of the most important ways you can prepare for colder months is to check your furnace for signs of wear and tear. It can be difficult to know when you should get your furnace repaired or whether you should have a new furnace installed. Fairhaven, MN homeowners trust our experts at DeZiel HVAC to educate them about the importance of routine maintenance for their furnace, problems they may encounter, and whether to repair or replace their furnace system. If your heating bill increases, your furnace seems to be less effective, repairs are needed more frequently, and your furnace was installed over 15 years ago, it may be time for a new furnace installation. Call the friendly technicians at DeZiel HVAC today and make an appointment for your furnace installation or repair!

Information that you may not have known about the heating company at DeZiel Heating & Air Conditioning:

  • Family owned & operated
  • Specializes in repairs and installations
  • Donates to local food pantry
  • State licensed and insured

Fairhaven, MN

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