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How Much Does it Really Cost to Replace Your Furnace?

When starting a project like replacing your furnace, you want to be secure in the knowledge that no hidden expense will surprise you or hurt your wallet any more than it has to.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer. But with the right understanding of the situation, you will be able to estimate this total cost, or at the very least ask a professional you hire the right questions about your furnace replacement.

Some Key Terms

Before diving into the home improvement catalogue, it’s good to know the lingo the industry uses. Here are some terms to be aware of:

  • BTUs (British Thermal Units) is the standard measurement for the useful heat produced by furnaces in the US and the UK (the metric equivalent is Joules). The bigger the space you’re trying to heat, the more BTUs you need.
  • AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Unit Efficiency.
  • HVAC Contractor (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) could be anybody licensed at the state or federal level to install environmental comfort machines. Efficiency in the context of furnaces refers to what percentage of energy the unit uses is actually radiated out as useful heat.

Assessing the Situation

The main contributors to the cost of replacing the furnace are the brand and model of the furnace, any addons, and the cost of installation. Higher-end brand names for furnaces include Winchester, Royalton, and Bosch, but the more expensive units tend to have higher levels of efficiency. Top-of-the-line furnaces have about 96% efficiency. The popularly accepted minimum standard is 80%, so any furnace less efficient than that is better left avoided. Whichever unit you buy, it is unlikely any addons will be called for, unless you are worried about extreme weather conditions or want to change the internal humidity level. Regardless, take into account the filters you purchase. Most professionals recommend using standard filters and changing them out two to four times a year, but depending on the model you go with and the usage, this may vary. The most variable cost will be the labor that goes into installation. Not only does this depend on where you live but also on the location and accessibility of the furnace. If this is a new installation, try to pick a furnace location that is easier for the HVAC contractor to access.

What to Expect When Replacing a Furnace

Call in the professionals furnace repair technicians at DeZiel Heating & AC at (763) 200-5453 to take a look at your unit and diagnose the problem.

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