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Intro to Heat Pumps – What They Are and How They Work

Buffalo Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are one of the latest technologies in the HVAC world, and they’re quickly gaining in popularity among home and business owners. If you’re in the market for replacing your current HVAC system, heat pumps are a worthy consideration for both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

So, what exactly is a heat pump? And how do they work? We’ll explain in this article.

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps have the unique ability to provide both heat and cooling by taking heat from the air and moving it to where it is needed. This is different from a furnace that creates heat and disperses it around the building. Heat pumps are a popular choice because they are both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly. Because they don’t require the burning of any fossil fuels, heat pumps save homeowners on monthly utility bills and are a “green” alternative to traditional HVAC equipment.

Think heat pumps wouldn’t be effective where you live? We have good news for you. Even in colder climates like here in Minnesota, heat pumps can be a great option. Recent technology has given them the ability to work effectively in temperatures that drop below 20ºF.

How do heat pumps work?

It can be confusing to wrap your head around how exactly a heat pump works. Simply put, heat pumps basically function as air conditioners with the ability to work in reverse. Even in cold weather, heat energy exists in the air – making it possible for heat pumps to function year-round! In cold weather, a heat pump removes heat from the air outside and moves it inside to provide heat. In warm weather, the heat pump does the opposite – absorbing the heat from inside and moving it outdoors, in turn cooling your home. It might sound backward, but it’s true – heat pumps are a great year-round heating and cooling source for practically any home or business! Heat pump installation and service If you’re due for a new HVAC system and want to learn more about heat pump technology, we’d love to answer your questions. Call DeZiel Heating & AC today at (763) 200-5453 .

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