Buffalo MN UV Light Air Sanitizer and disinfection

The Advantages Of A UV Air Sanitizer

UV air sanitizers are highly effective in reducing risk from viruses, bacteria, mildew, mold, and other common airborne allergens within your home. A UV air sanitizer works by using short-wave UV light to effectively inactivate and sanitize indoor air. One advantage of UV air sanitizers over other methods of filtering air is energy efficiency. If your home is humid in the summer months, a UV air sanitizer is a great option for you!

Why Should I Treat My System With Ultraviolet Lights?

Ultraviolet lights work to kill, sterilize, or inactivate many household airborne pathogens, specifically bacteria and viruses. If you or someone in your home has an allergy to mold or mildew, uv light disinfection is a great way to ease symptoms and create cleaner air.

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How Do Ultraviolet Lights Clean My Indoor Air?

There are many scientific explanations on how ultraviolet lights (UV lights) clean indoor air. To put it simply, UV lights disinfect the air in your home by effectively killing mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles as they pass through your home’s HVAC unit. UV light neutralizes these problematic particles by scrambling their DNA.

How Much Do Ultraviolet Lights Cost in Buffalo MN

The cost of an ultraviolet light air sanitizer depends largely on your existing HVAC system and the size of your home. To receive a customized estimate on a UV air sanitizer, please give us a call. Our team at DeZiel prides ourselves on providing honest, straight-forward project estimates for every project, and we are here to help answer any questions you might have about these systems.

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