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Your heating and cooling system needs to be checked every year to ensure that it is operating safely and efficiently. In fact, the equipment manufacturers, recommend annual tune-ups to keep your warranty current. Catch small problems before they become major repairs. Your Service Partner Plan member includes:

1 Furnace Tune-Up

1 A/C Tune-Up

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10% Discount 

No After-Hours Service Charge

Trusted and Trained Service Professional

We use a 21-25 point checklist when we service your system annually. We clean, inspect, lubricate and adjust your heating and/or cooling system.

We check heat exchangers, burners, thermostats, blowers, amp draws, wire connectors, safety devices, refrigerant, oil all your motors and replace filters. Over all, this will maximize your equipment life, keep it operating as efficiently as possible and increase the safety for you and your family.

Furnace – 25 Point Checklist

  1. Check Thermostat Calibration and Operation
  2. Check Furnace Filter
  3. Check Humidifier Damper Position
  4. Check for Proper Ignition Upon A Heat Call
  5. Clean and Check Burners
  6. Clean and Check Piolet Assembly
  7. Check Flame Sensor Reading
  8. Check Ignitor Resistance
  9. Check and Adjust Gas Pressure (Nat. Or Lp)
  10. Check for Proper Temperature Rise
  11. Check Draft Fan Operation and Amp Draw
  12. Check Pressure Switch for Proper Operation
  13. Check All Safety Controls
  14. Check High Limit Operation
  15. Check Blower Motor and Blower Capacitor
  16. Check Blower Wheel Condition
  17. Clean Cabinets and Outside of Unit
  18. Secure All Electrical Connections
  19. Lubricate All Applicable Parts
  20. Check Flue for Obstructions and Clean Drain Lines and Trap
  21. Inspect Heat Exchanger for Cracks or Corrosion
  22. Check Carbon Monoxide in Exhaust
  23. Clean Fresh Air Intake Screen
  24. Check Exhaust Outside for Obstructions
  25. What Else Can I Do for You?

A/C – 21 Point Checklist

Outdoor Unit

  1. Rinse and Check Outdoor Coil
  2. Check Fan Blades
  3. Check & Tighten Electrical Connections on Outdoor Unit
  4. Check Amp Draw on Outdoor Fan Motor
  5. Check Amp Draw on Compressor
  6. Check Mega Ohm Readings
  7. Check High-side Compressor Pressure
  8. Check Low-side Compressor Pressure
  9. Check For Proper Refrigerant Charge
  10. Tighten Service Caps to Prevent Refrigerant Leaks
  11. Apply Protective Coat on Painted Surface
  12. Clean Debris from Outdoor Unit
  13. Check for Proper Refrigerant Change*

Inside Unit

  1. Clean Blower Motor
  2. Check Filter Condition
  3. Check for Proper Temp. Drop Across Indoor Coil
  4. Check for Tight Electrical Connections on Indoor Unit
  5. Check for Proper Thermostat Calibration and Operation
  6. Clean & Inspect Condensate Drain Line
  7. Check for Proper Drain Line
  8. Check for Balanced Air Flow
  9. Check Static Pressure (Supply, Return, Coil, Filters)

Humidifier Checklist

  1. Inspect Pad Tray and Inner Housing
  2. Change Pad
  3. Check Humidifier Damper Position
  4. Secure All Electrical Connections
  5. Adjust Water Supply
  6. Inspect Water Feed
  7. Flush Drain Tube
  8. Check Unit Operations

*Additional charges may apply but don’t worry our professional will discuss prior to starting any work

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