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3 Reasons to Install a Whole-House Humidifier

Buffalo Humidifiers

Many homeowners have the misconception that humidity inside the home is a bad thing. And while this is sometimes true for overly high levels of moisture in the air, keeping a healthy humidity level indoors is extremely important – especially while you have a furnace running. An excellent way to control the humidity level is with a whole-house humidifier. This unit works with your existing heating/cooling system to add the appropriate amount of moisture to air circulating through your home. Whether you’re already considering adding a humidifier to your home or if you’re unsure if it’s a necessary expense, here at three factors that will help influence your decision.

  1. Protect the health of your family members. Maintaining a healthy humidity level in the home is important for overall air quality. Whole-home humidifiers help to regulate humidity levels to prevent respiratory ailments and decrease the amount of germs within your home.  You could be avoiding serious home improvement projects.
  2. Remember those hardwood floors you love so much? Or the fresh paint job you just finished in the bathroom? If you aren’t maintaining a healthy humidity level in your home, it can lead to costly issues such as warped flooring, cracking or peeling paint, and peeling wallpaper. Extreme humidity in the home can even cause electronics to malfunction! One upfront investment will end up saving you money.
  3. Last (but certainly not least) who doesn’t love saving money on monthly utility bills? It has been proven that homes with higher humidity levels (within a healthy range) make interiors feel warmer – therefore eliminating the urge to bump up the thermostat on chilly nights and ultimately saving you money on monthly bills.

Whole-house humidifier installation

If any – or all – of these reasons sound appealing to you, then you may want to consider adding a whole-house humidifier. It’s important for these systems to be installed and maintained properly, so be sure to talk to the HVAC professionals at DeZiel Heating & AC. Give us a call at (763) 200-5453

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