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3 Ways UV Light Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

There has been a lot of talk about ultraviolet (UV) light lately, especially in the HVAC world. As a relatively new technology to the air quality industry, many people have questions when it comes to UV light.  To help gain a better understanding of UV light and how it can help to improve indoor air quality, we’ve broken the benefits of the technology down into three simple ways it works. But first, a quick science lesson.

What is UV Light?

Ultraviolet light is on the light spectrum between visible light (the type that the human eye can see) and X-ray. Compared to visible light, UV light has a smaller wavelength, more energy, and higher frequency. Most of the UV light we encounter on a daily basis is from the sun. If you’ve ever suffered from a sunburn, you can thank UV light for that experience. To get more technical, there are three sub-categories of UV light: UVA, UVB, and UVC. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on UVC, since that’s the kind that’s generally harmless to humans but is strong enough to destroy microorganisms – making it a helpful tool for air purifying.

How UV Light Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

When incorporated in a whole-home air purifier that attaches to your existing heating or cooling system, UV light can do wonders for the health and safety of your household. Here’s how. UV light helps to kill bacteria. Whether you realize it or not, bacteria exist in the air all around us. Ultraviolet light breaks down the DNA of microorganisms or, to put it plainly, it renders several bacteria strains useless. Using UV light to break down bacteria in the air can help reduce the risk of contracting illnesses.

UV light fights mold. Similar to killing bacteria strains, UV light also fights mold and mildew. Since mold spores can be dangerous for those with respiratory problems such as asthma, adding UV light technology to your HVAC system can help prevent or lessen common symptoms.

UV light reduces odors. If things in your home or business are smelling a little stagnant, a UV light can be a great addition to your HVAC system.

UV light helps to purify the air and remove odor-causing agents (such as mold and bacteria) to get things smelling fresher fast.  Indoor air quality experts in Buffalo, MN Interested in learning more about UV light? Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in the installation, service, and effectiveness of this HVAC technology.  Call DeZiel Heating & AC at (763) 200-5453 to schedule an indoor air quality consultation today.

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