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4 Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier

Buffalo Humidifiers

If you live in a hot, high humidity area, for even part of the year, it’s important to ensure the humidity level in your home remains balanced.

High humidity levels can lead to mold, mildew, and other issues. The moisture may attract insects and other pests into your home.

Low humidity levels, on the other hand, can impact your health and damage your home, as well. One way to maintain that balance is the use of a whole house humidifier. Here are four reasons why it may be an option for you.

How it Works A whole house humidifier works directly with your current heating and cooling system. It adds humidity into the air when needed, and can be controlled through your thermostat. It works by bringing water droplets into the air ducts through an evaporation tray. This helps the humidifier maintain whichever level of humidity you’d like for your home.


1. Home Health A whole home humidifier can help keep you and your family healthy by reducing respiratory illnesses, decreasing the chances of catching a cold or the flu, and reducing your chances of getting an infection.

2. Personal Comfort If your home is too dry, you can end up with things like itchy, dry skin, dry eyes, scratchy throats, and other problems. A whole home humidifier can eliminate these symptoms from occurring.

3. Preservation A whole home humidifier can prevent physical damage to your home, as well. Cracking drywall, separating wood flooring, and paint chipping can all be prevented.  4. Savings With a whole home humidifier, you’ll save money and energy. A home with higher humidity feels warmer, meaning you’ll be able to turn down the heat. That will save you money in the long run.

Call the whole home humidifier experts in Buffalo, MN If you’ve been considering a whole home humidifier, we’d be happy to come out to your home or business and provide an estimate. To learn more, call DeZiel Heating & AC today at (763) 200-5453 .

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