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4 Explanations for a Rattling Air Conditioning Unit

MN Air Conditioning Installation

We all know what air conditioning is supposed to sound like. If there’s a loud rattling sound coming from your system, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. If ignored, that rattling could turn into a worse mechanical issue or complete breakdown. Four common reasons for a rattling noise coming from an air conditioning unit include loose screws, a misaligned fan blade, a faulty motor, or obstruction inside the outdoor unit.  Let’s look at each of these explanations in further detail.

Loose screws and panels

Probably the most minor serious – but most common – issue, unfastened screws or panels can cause your AC to rattle. Sometimes screws loosen over time, or the screws weren’t tight enough during the initial AC unit installation.

Misaligned fan blade

The fan blade could cause rattling noises due to poor installation or from outside debris. If the fan blade wasn’t installed correctly, you can always ask for professional help to determine if a replacement fan is needed.

Faulty motor

There are motors within your AC unit that power essential components. If there is any damage to the motor causing it not to work correctly, the components that rely on it loosen up, most likely resulting in the rattling noise.

Clogging from outside debris

For your outdoor AC unit, the rattling noise could be coming from the sticks, leaves, and whatever other things the wind decides to blow into your unit. Cleaning or unclogging your AC unit is no small task and should be done by a professional.

Air conditioning service and repair in Buffalo, MN

Depending on the model you choose for your home, fixing your AC unit is not something you want to do yourself or follow some “expert’s” video online. Aside from tightening some loose screws, internal or mechanical issues should be left to the professionals. That’s why you should call the experienced team at DeZiel Heating & AC. We proudly serve the Buffalo, MN, area. Schedule an appointment today at (763) 200-5453 .

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