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Colder weather is coming. Is your boiler ready?

Colder weather is on the way, and now is the time to make sure your boiler is ready! A Minnesota winter is never a good time or place for your heating system to fail. That’s why scheduling a maintenance check is not something you want to put off.

Energy Savings Our staff of expert technicians at DeZiel Heating is ready to look for any signs of potential issues, such as leaks, dirty burners, sediment build up in the tank and corrosion. We know that when your unit is running at its full potential that means energy savings for you. Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs Our heating systems are such an important part of our home when cold weather hits.

Preventative maintenance checks have become an essential part of keeping them running as smoothly as possible. Without them, we take too much for granted. Bienvenu would like to help you avoid an emergency call. We will do our very best to spot anything that could lead to equipment failure or a safety issue. Protection Against Safety Hazards I’m sure you have heard the warnings about the danger of carbon monoxide in our homes. A faulty boiler can cause that odorless gas to leak into your home and endanger you and your family’s health. That’s just one thing that a system checkup can identify and correct. Issues with key components like the safety relief valve, heat exchanger, thermostat, pressure/temperature gauge, circulating pump, fuel burners, low water cutoff control, and venting system, can be found, so your heating system stays running safely and reliably.

Longer Equipment Lifespan Keeping our home’s systems running well for as long as possible is everyone’s goal. A maintenance check can uncover problems that, once taken care of, can increase the life of the boiler. That means you can wait even longer before replacement becomes necessary. To learn more about the importance of fall boiler maintenance, or to schedule a maintenance visit for your home’s heating system, contact us (763) 200-5453 at DeZiel Heating & Air, Inc.

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