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Electric Heating Options | Electric Heaters for Your Home

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Electric heaters for your home come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Electric heating options are typically more affordable than other types of heating because the cost of operation is far lower. Electric heating, as opposed to gas or oil-powered alternatives, can save you money on utility costs over time. Electric heaters bring warmth through radiation rather than convection or conduction. Following we can see several electric systems that are available.

Electric Resistance Heating

Electric resistance heating is the most common type of electric heat in use today. Heating in a resistance type is produced by passing electricity through a material, which is then converted to heat.

The majority of the electricity is transformed to heat, and it’s most likely provided by generators that run on coal, gas, or oil. Portable space heaters, baseboard panels connected to the floor, and electric “radiant” heating in floors, walls, and ceilings are examples of electric resistance heating.

Electric walls heaters:  Electric walls heaters are a good choice for warming smaller spaces. Electric resistance heating is easily regulated and generally inexpensive to run. Electric wall heaters usually have a surface temperature of about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warm enough to keep you comfortable but not so hot as to be dangerous. Electric wall heaters can also help maintain even room temperatures since they quickly raise or lower the temperature depending on need.

Baseboard heaters: Electric baseboard heaters are most efficient when installed close together because the heat they generate increases in a linear fashion with each heater. Electric heating is most efficient when it heats already-warm objects rather than cold ones – the very definition of home appliances such as electric furnaces and radiators.

Radiant heating: Radiant heating systems, on the other hand, send heat directly to panels in walls or ceilings. Heat is provided to the space through infrared radiation, similar to that produced by a hot cooktop element. There are also air-heated and hot water-heated (hydronic) radiant flooring systems available, in addition to electrical radiant heating.

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are very popular, especially in areas with moderate to heavy winter climates. Electric heat pump systems are basically split into two parts – one unit delivers cool air while the other intake warm air and transfers it throughout your home or business. Electric heat pump systems are appealing because they use electricity as their primary energy source, but unlike electric resistance, heating does not need an electrical line running to the location that needs heating. Electric heat pumps take advantage of nature’s free resources such as solar power or the earth’s natural temperature gradient. Heat pumps, because they transport heat rather than create it, have far lower operational costs than other heating systems.

Electric Furnaces: Electric furnaces are also popular in homes and business spaces. Electric furnaces function like their name suggests; they create heat (furnace) using electricity (electric). Electric furnaces provide space heating by distributing heated air throughout your home or business via ductwork, like standard gas or fuel oil systems do. Electric furnaces have all of the same components that a gas furnace has but use an electric motor to execute operations. Electric furnaces can be more expensive to operate than other types of heating methods because they’re typically used when other systems cannot provide enough heat for the building. Insulation Insulation is another important factor in the cost of electric heating. Electric furnaces, for example, need roughly twice as much insulation as a standard gas furnace because they suffer from greater heat loss and gain during operation. In addition to the amount of insulation required, placement also matters to help minimize heat losses and gains. Electric heating operates best when the surrounding area is pre-warmed by other sources such as sunlight or people moving around a room.

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