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Really Cool Benefits of Ducted Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Buffalo Fijitsu Mini Split Repair & Installation

Think the only way to keep your home cool during the summer is with that old, bulky, and loud central air conditioning system? Well, we have good news – you have other options. Over the past few years, a different type of system – the mini-split – has become very popular with homeowners and businesses. In this article, we’ll explain why a ducted mini-split AC may be the right choice for your home.

What is a Mini-Split System?

A mini-split is a small, two-part air conditioning that is designed to cool a specific area of the home, as opposed to a central AC system that serves the entire house. In general, mini-split systems can offer more flexibility and energy efficiency than their whole-home counterparts.

When considering mini-split air conditioning for your home, you’ll find that they come in two types of systems:

  1. Ductless – The systems are installed in the space they cool. An outdoor unit is placed on the exterior of the home. It connects directly (without long ducts) to the interior unit that’s typically mounted on the wall. The air travels just a few feet from outside to inside before it’s released into the room. They can be good options to cool spaces that don’t have existing ductwork.
  2. Ducted – This type of system has a small outdoor unit that’s attached to a short run of ducts to serve a single or handful of rooms. The cool air can be released by a vent, not necessarily a noticeable wall-mounted unit like a ductless mini-split.

Benefits of Ducted Mini-Split Units

For many homeowners, a ducted mini-split system is the sweet spot between a traditional central AC and a ductless mini-split system. Here are a handful of advantages with this type of AC.

  • Uses less power than a central air conditioning system, which reduces your monthly energy bills
  • More aesthetically pleasing indoors than a ductless mini-split Less cool air leakage in the ducts compared to whole-home air conditioning since the unit is located closer to the distribution point
  • Improved indoor air quality thanks to less surface area of the ductwork to collect dirt and bacteria
  • Ability to serve more rooms than a ductless system
  • Zone cooling, which allows different rooms to be set to different temperatures
  • Quieter operation than larger central air units In some cases, you can use the home’s existing HVAC ductwork, saving you time and money on installation

Mini-split air conditioning installation in Minnesota

Wondering if a high-efficiency mini-split air conditioning – either ducted or ductless – is a smart choice for your home? Call DeZiel Heating & AC at (763) 200-5453 for an expert consultation and free estimate.

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