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5 Quick Furnace Fixes Anyone Can Do Before Calling for Repair

It can be stressful when facing a possible furnace repair, but the good news is, there are several things homeowners can check on themselves before having to pick up the phone.  Check the Air Filter The air filter is the most common culprit when it comes to slowing down the effectiveness of a furnace. Use your furnace’s user guide to locate the air filter and then either clean it with warm, soapy water or replace it completely. This will do a lot to encourage air flow throughout the furnace and hopefully eliminate any existing bottlenecks. Try the Thermostat Most homeowners don’t think to check their thermostat as the cause of a furnace problem. Oftentimes, it may be as simple as ensuring your thermostat is switched to “heat,” or replacing the batteries.

Clearing the thermostat of dust and debris may also get it back on track. If you increase the temperature at your thermostat but notice your home is not warming, there is likely a larger issue. Look at the Blower Motor Panel If the blower motor panel has been moved or opened, the furnace will not operate as a built-in safety precaution. Check to make sure the panel is secured and see if that makes a difference in operation. Inspect the Ductwork Before you object, the first part of this tip can be done by anyone with eyes. Take a look at your ductwork and search for obvious structural changes like bulging, holes, or separation.

Next, be sure that all the vents are open and air is flowing through them. Last, check to see that the ducts are not dirty or obstructed by debris. This will make it so air won’t flow properly. Open the gas Valve It’s fairly simple. If the gas valve has been shut off, perhaps for a previous repair, there is no heat source. Simply turn it back on (the handle should be parallel with the gas pipe) ,and you’re good to go. As always, if any of these quick tips for furnace maintenance trip you up or you are facing a more serious furnace issue, please call DeZiel (763) 200-5453 for all your furnace repair needs.

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