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Heating Maintenance: Checklist for Gas and Oil Furnaces

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When the weather turns cold and you want to turn the thermostat up, it is important to conduct maintenance on your furnace. It is important to keep heating maintenance in mind every month of the year, too, but if that isn’t possible, the very least is to go down the following checklist to make sure you stay safe as you get warm.

For All Furnaces Is your air filter clean?

Professionals recommend changing it out once every three months, but if you have a system that is constantly heating a large enough area, more frequent changes may be best. Is the limit switch working? If you notice the blower is not turning off, then you likely need a new limit switch, Are the belts connecting the blower to the motor clean? Are the thermostat readings accurate? Is the blower assembly clean? Has the insulation not eroded? For Gas Furnaces Is the gas line free of leaks and cracks?Are the burners clean? If you have an electric igniter check that, too. Is the pilot light working and safe from any drafts that could blow it out? When you test the flames of the burners, are they all steady and free from any traces of yellow?

For Oil Furnaces When was the last time you checked for and cleaned up soot? Professionals recommend doing this twice every cold weather season. Is the smoke from the exhaust black? If it is, the oil is not burning completely and something is wrong. Are the oil filter, gaskets, draft regulator, and pump strainer clean? How is the condition of the following parts of the furnace: Pump Air Tube Oil Nozzle Electrodes Transformer After you go through this checklist you are well on your way to having a problem-free fall and winter. If you want a professional opinion on the state of your furnace and live in the West Metro, Wright County, or Buffalo areas, reach out to DeZiel Heating & A/C at (763) 200-5453 for reliable 24/7 service.

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